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Quantum Theatre
1 -11 Bannockburn Road
SE18 1ET
020 8317 9000


Open Air Theatre! This Summer and throughout the UK and Ireland, we're delighted to perform our own adaptation of Beatrix Potter's timeless stories in Once upon a time there were four little rabbits as well as Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Find out if we're performing at a venue near you here.





Space, Shape and Deperate Measures
Luke Spacewalker leaves his home planet Isosceles to measure the length and breadth of the galaxy. Aided by his trusty robot companion, 2D3D, he aims to calculate the shape and size of everything.

Little does he know though, that his every move is being tracked by the evil Daft Apeth and that this seemingly harmless mathematical exercise will turn into a battle that could 'shape' the course of the Universe itself!

Based on the new Maths Curriculum Shape, Space and Desperate Measures can be booked at 3 different levels:
Key Stage 1: units of measurement: (cm & m, grams & kilogrammes, millilitres and litres), measuring length, height, mass and volume, 2D shapes, 3D shapes,sorting shapes, position, direction and turns.
Lower Key Stage 2: measuring length, mass, volume and perimeter, finding area by counting squares, 2D & 3D shapes, comparing angles, finding lines of symmetry, translations and drawing shapes on grids.
Upper Key Stage 2: measurement: (metric & imperial units), perimeter, area of squares, rectangles, triangles and parallelagrams, volume & capacity, 3D shapes, circles, estimating and naming angles, angle rules, angles and sides of rectangles, regular & irregular polygons, reflection & translation.

Available throughout the North, Midlands and South from mid-September 2016

Grammar Girl
Grammar Girl is ready… ready to take on the dastardly foes of bad grammar, poor spelling and no punctuation. But has she learnt enough from her old tutor and superhero Captain Grammaticus to foil the plans of the most fiendish villain of them all…?

Find out in Grammar Girl, a new play on spelling, grammar and punctuation now available at three different levels:

Key Stage 1: we look at adding prefixes and suffixes, sequencing sentences, punctuating sentences, using conjunctions, expanding noun phrases, progressive verbs, using commas and apostrophes.
Lower Key Stage 2: we look at prefixes and suffixes, using conjunctions, the present perfect tense, expanding noun phrases, using fronted adverbials, punctuating direct speech, using nouns and pronouns and commas.
Upper Key Stage 2: we look at prefixes and suffixes, relative clauses, modal verbs, punctuation of parentheses, using colons and semi-colons, synonyms and antonyms, using the passive tense.

Available throughout the North, Midlands and South from mid-September 2016



Journey to the Bottom of the Garden on Living Things and their Habitats. Journey to the Bottom of the Garden is based on the ‘Living things and their habitats’ sections of the science curriculum.

It's touring the South, Midlands and North this term so give us a call to find out when this show is in your area.

The Miscalculation of Cap'n Halfinch is a brand new numeracy show based on the new curriculum. It's a swashbuckling tale of hidden treasure and mathematical conundrums based on the new maths curriculum and can be booked at three levels, Infants, Lower and Upper Juniors. It's touring the South, the Midlands and the North this Summer.


The Battle of the Somme Based on our highly acclaimed 'Your Country Needs You' this play explores the politics behind the outbreak of the war through to the Battle of the Somme, using sketches and vignettes to follow the fate of a 'Pals' Battalion leaving England's shores for the fields of Northern France. Using original source materials and Interweaving songs, sketches, poetry and prose from the time the play examines the effects of war on those directly involved at home and at the front.

It's touring from 16th May - 22nd July and will be available in the South, the Midlands and the North as well as Scotland in the weekd of 30th May & 6th June